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Exciting New Arrivals

AddMotor Tandem EBike for 2, 750 Watt for Two People


This 750 high powered tandem is built for two people.  Whether you want to have a relaxing bike ride or get more rigorous exercise, this bike is perfect for families and friends.


AddMotor Retro MOTAN EBike Cruiser


Add Motor MOTAN EBike Cruiser 500 Watt Powerful Motor 10.4AH 20Inch Fat Tire Retro Ebike


AddMotor M60 R7 Cruiser


The MOTAN M60 L7(R7) cruiser bike has a 750 watt brushless DC hub motor that excellent behave in power. You can effortlessly swift up to 28 miles per hour with pedal assist and up to 55 miles. It can easily surmount hard and uneven terrain. A 12.8AH long lasting lithium battery is removable so it can be recharged anywhere.


AddMotor MOTAN 70 750 Watt Retro Mini Moto Bike

The AddMotor MOTAN M70 is an all-purpose electric cruiser bike.  The natural upright riding position

The AddMotor MOTAN retro mini moto bike is a high performance, long range beach cruiser bike perfect for a unique commuter vehicle or weekend cruiser.  Up to 30mph and 45 miles per charge.


AddMotor HITHOT Mountain EBike High Front Fork Suspension


Addmotor HITHOT H5 26 inch adult mountain electric bicycle has a unique high front fork,which make the riding even more smoother.500W powerful motor,full suspension and 11.6AH long lasting battery perfect for long distance riding.